We propose the creation of the academic framework which is adequate to the expression of the everyday nature of our university district.

In the preamble, we presented the ideality as much of the concept of "Agora" as of Greek epistemology to establish the discourse of "nowadays".

The latter is to be understood by existence and this itself shows signs of epistemological rupture from its essence. Our "Agora" is a universal concept Universal Proclamation of Human Rights, Universal Suffrage which functions universally neither in time nor in space. The concepts serves the sole purpose of reference and its only connections with what is concrete are to be found in the comparison between what exists (everyday) and what it is (the fulfilment of a political project).

The universalization and the universal nature of our concept of Agora can thus be seen as be the legal, ethical, epistemological and political argumentative basis of our discourse on everyday reality. Our space, the Universtity of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, offers a wide range of problems related to the different municipal profiles of our province. We intend to form part of other existing municipal projects in the world via the Internet.