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In commemorating the second anniversary of Agora, municipal forum of the Euro-African and the Euro-Latin-American Comparative Studies Group, the latest and the consumers' Association Panis, convoke the II round table Agora: "Alternative municipal development" to be hold in the web http://agora.ulpgc.es/ from April 1st 2001 and in Tejeda (Grand Canary) the 5th, 6th and 7th Mai 2001.

Tejeda is an small municipality with an important, not yet adequately actualised, development potential within the context of the dominant market in the Canary Archipelago, based on mass tourism. Similar situations are readily encountered elsewhere, not only in Canary but around the world, as it for the realm of the members of the Euro-African and the Euro-Latin-American Comparative Studies Group.

We invite those interested in joining us to identify alternative approaches to development that offer answers to demands of citizens living in small or middle sized communities with a potential to create new markets throughout tourism, agriculture, handcraft, clean industry etc, within solidarity, and adapted to citizen and territory's demands.

The challenge to identify alternatives is being assumed by large associations of citizens whose number are growing with the spread of Mad Cow Disease as well as within established institutions such the French State Department of Social and Soldiery Economy and the World Social Forum. We that representatives of some of this organisations will join with us and reinforce us with their experience and infrastructure in discussing the following themes:

  1. Alternative development & alternative Culture
  2. Social and soldiery economy
  3. The territory: municipality, the town, the city, the municipal jointures, the world...
  4. The adapted market to population: citizen potential, established potential: the role of citizens, microfinance, subventions, associations, etc.

Those themes are not exclusive. Agora will welcome any suggestions suiting our objective..

Persons interested in participating either in the Net or in Tejeda are wellcome to send proposals and a brief CV., in about 20 lines to Carlos Ortiz de Zárate: agora@gecel.e.telefonica.net or fax: 0034/928451701, postal:: Edificio Millares Carlo, Pérez del Toro, 1, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 35003 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

Also participate under the organisation: